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This seventh series of SAS: Who Dare Wins is led by an elite new team of former Special Forces operators from the UK and, for the first time, the US.

Combining their skills, this elite new “brotherhood” has created the most grueling course yet, played against the unforgiving and epic backdrop of the Jordanian desert. With 15 years of experience in multiple war zones, Chief Instructor and ex-US Recon Marine Rudy Reyes and new leadership team member, ex-US Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke will join Billy and Foxy for challenge 20 recruits to challenge their physical and psychological limits. It’s the ultimate endurance test.

In the first episode, the men and women face an intense start, with recruits crawling and running back to their base in the scorching heat of the Jordanian desert. The recruits’ teamwork is put to the test as they must cross a ravine balancing on a rope suspended 165 feet above the ground. The leaders assess the recruits’ ability to work together as they attempt to escape from a room filled with CS gas.

Rudy Reyes:

“I had worked in film and television, making survival shows and a few feature films. But the best thing I ever did was with British production teams. Something about the sensibility and maturity that Europeans seem to have when it comes to entertainment. I got a call, and I had no idea it was for the head instructor, I wasn’t even aware of the show. But they started telling me about it…

“I’ve watched every episode on Amazon… I’ve read every combat book, I’ve read every special ops book, I’ve read the Andy McNab books, the Chris Ryan book, I read Black Hawk Down. So for me to be honored to be in the conversation with the SAS: Who Dares Wins, I was blown away. I was extremely excited and extremely humbled. I went there and I did the recces, and I got to know Billy and Foxy, and we’re really close now. It’s nothing short of a blessing, it’s the best job I’ve ever had. made in entertainment, and I know this is just the beginning.

Rudy Reyes was born in 1971 at Gebauer Air Force Base in Richard, Missouri while his father, a United States Marine, was fighting in Vietnam. After his parents divorced, Rudy and his three brothers were raised by his grandparents and then by the Omaha Home for Boys.

Aged 26, a decorated martial artist, Rudy joined the United States Marine Corps and, after impressing during the recruiting phase, became an elite Recon Marine. Rudy became a highly decorated special forces operator, leading more than 50 patrols behind enemy lines. He completed one tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq as a Recon Marine and Scout Sniper team leader. After leaving the Marines, Rudy worked as a counterterrorism contractor for the Department of Defense.

Remi Adelekewill:

“[The new series] takes place in the desert – it’s a beautiful landscape, absolutely beautiful. And the most glaring novelty of the program is that two of the DS are American! Myself, ex-SEAL, and Rudy Reyes, ex-Force Recon Marine, working with two ex-SAS and SBS guys. And I think it’s going to be unique, because there are things that they had obviously brought to the table, which was great, but now there’s going to be different things that we’re going to bring to the table, which is going to change the course and make it unique and different.

Remi Adelekewill was born into wealth in Nigeria, but after the death of his father and the unjust seizure of his family’s wealth by the Nigerian government, Remi, his mother and brother moved permanently to the Bronx, New York in 1987 .

After years of making regrettable decisions, Remi joined the Navy in 2002 and later joined the Navy SEALs where he specialized in combat medicine and HUMINT (Human Intelligence/tradecraft). After ending his naval career in 2016, Remi has worked in consulting, directing, writing and film/TV acting, including the 2017 franchise film. Transformers: The Last Knight, SEAL Team CBS, the universal thriller directed by Michael Bay, Ambulance, and the August 2022 Lionsgate blockbuster The plane.

Remi also had a recurring role on Amazon’s television adaptation of the New York Times bestseller. List of terminals. Rémi wrote and directed The unexpected, a 32-minute short film based on the true story of the discovery of an international organ harvesting ring. As screenwriter, Rémi co-wrote the adapted screenplay for slave thieves, about abolitionist Harriet Jacobs. He also published an autobiography, Transformed: An unlikely Navy SEALs journey from the throne of Africa – to the streets of the Bronx – to defy the odds.

Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham:

“I was really struck by how the team bonded together as quickly as we did. We didn’t know each other very well, so we were watching and learning from each other. But for having worked with Americans, you know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and I guess they know ours. We worked really well. Rudy is a great character, he’s got his heart on his sleeve, he’s got a lot of experience , and the same for Remi, Remi was different, he was calmer, but again, a very experienced guy and a great team member.

Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham MBE joined the Parachute Regiment in 1983 and served until 1991 in various positions including Patrol Commander for operational tours to many locations around the world and also served as a training instructor for the regiments as a military specialist.

Billy joined the SAS in 1991 as a mountain troop specialist and was responsible for the planning and execution of strategic operations and training at the highest level in numerous locations (Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa) and led countless hostage rescues. Billy is a Certified Special Forces and Counter Terrorism Sniper Instructor, Advanced Evasive Driving Instructor, Tracking/Jungle Warfare/Navigation Instructor, Demolition/Sabotage Instructor, Ski Mountaineering/Climbing/Rappel Instructor /Ice Climbing, Combat Survival/RTI Instructor, Counter Terrorist Instructor (all options) and worked as a Medical/Trauma Patrol Officer for five hospital attachments.

He was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery and the MBE for his outstanding service as SAS Ground Commander for the 2005 London bombings and for leading several internationally renowned hostage rescues in Iraq. After his military career, Billy became a bodyguard for some of the world’s hottest celebrities.

He has toured the world as security manager for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and looked after Hollywood stars including Sir Michael Caine, Hulk Hogan, Kate Moss, Russell Crowe, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise . Her first novel – kill or capture was published in May 2021. Her second novel will be released in May 2022.

Jason Fox:

“I never want to downplay the series that came before, because they are always difficult in themselves. The first one, I would say, was physically very brutal. It was an experiment, it was very raw in its approach But this one, it’s the hardest. There’s so much non-stop work in it. It’s also longer – it’s one of the longest we’ve done. The tasks are hard, the environment is tough, the pitch is tough. I think we as DS, as a team, understood the US version and the UK version well. It’s tough. It’s very tough.”

Jason Fox, ‘Foxy’, is a former Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces Sergeant, serving with the Special Boat Service.

Jason has planned and led hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, maritime counter-terrorism, surveillance, bodyguard and counter-narcotics operations.

Jason is also trained as a combat swimmer, demolitions expert, special forces dog handler, and jungle survival expert. After leaving the Special Forces, Foxy joined the television and film industry, first using his extensive Special Forces background to support production crews that worked in environmentally hostile areas, such as the jungle, the arctic or the desert. Foxy made the breakthrough series of 2018 Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcospenetrating cartel strongholds in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, exposing the most fearsome and dangerous drug gangs from a perspective rarely seen.

Foxy’s first book, War woundsabout his rise, fall and recovery in the military as an elite operator, was a Sunday time Bestseller. His second book, Life Under Fire: How to Build Inner Strength and Thrive Under Pressure shares the tools Foxy developed at the forefront of an elite military career and shows how to build resilience and inner strength to overcome life’s challenges.

Charity work is also close to Foxy’s heart, he holds a new rowing world record across the Atlantic to benefit the NSPCC and in 2018 led a group of civilians to the North Pole for the charity Borne. Foxy is also a co-founder of the charity Rock Recovery 2who helps preserve the lives of service members in distress, veterans and their families, and an ambassador for Veterans 4 Fauna for the prevention of wildlife crime.

SAS: Who Dare Wins, tonight, Channel 4, 9 p.m.


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