The government calls for a severe prison sentence for a lawyer struck off the bar who embezzled $ 4 million; the defense asks for leniency | Crime and courts



Matson’s attorneys have conceded that Matson’s conduct “was and is inexcusable. Nothing he has done or will do in the future can ever change that fact, and we are not trying to suggest otherwise.”

But, they added, “Mr. Matson took immediate action to atone for his misconduct. He voluntarily resigned from the bar… he ordered [his lawyers] to disclose critical information about his conduct that was not known to the government at the time; to cooperate fully and, possibly, to negotiate a resolution with the US attorney’s office. During this process, and before pleading guilty, Mr. Matson worked with the government to ensure that all restitution was made. ”

“While his extraordinary efforts to pay restitution do not excuse his conduct or lessen the gravity of the offense, they do present a substantial mitigating factor that the Court should consider,” his lawyers wrote.

Court records show that in 2019, Matson made false statements regarding allegations he embezzled funds as a court-appointed trustee in the LandAmerica Financial Group Wisconsin Bankruptcy. A federal investigation uncovered cases of Matson’s embezzlement from the LandAmerica Trust between 2015 and 2018, totaling around $ 800,000 in embezzled funds, prosecutors said.

LandAmerica, a Glen Allen title insurance company that was one of the largest in the United States, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2008. In 2009, Matson was appointed trustee of liquidation by the US bankruptcy court for the LandAmerica Financial Group Liquidation Trust. Then, in 2015, Matson was appointed to serve as the liquidation fund trustee.



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