The Bristol Press – Abrams intends to become primary for 78th district state representative seat


State Representative candidate for the 78th District, Aileen Abrams, said that despite her opponent Joe Hoxha’s endorsement by Republicans in Plymouth and Bristol for the district seat, she would push forward the procedures for primary election thanks to the encouragement of his supporters.

The seat of State Representative for the 78th District has been held by Whit Betts for several years. However, he will not seek another term.

Abrams said that due to Connecticut law, Bristol’s Republican delegates had not been certified with the city clerk’s office pursuant to Connecticut General Bylaws Section 9-391 in time to endorse Hoxha during Tuesday’s convention vote. Bristol City Republican Committee Chairman Rich Kilby said to his knowledge that as long as good faith efforts are made for credentialing delegates, the convention credentialing committee can go from l before and appoint the necessary delegates for the approval vote.

“It was a technicality that I had all the shapes and somehow this one got left behind, the 78th. It has been filed with State Central and also Plymouth and the accreditation committee has vetted all delegates,” Kilby said. “I feel bad about the accident. I thought they were all in order and unfortunately I left behind and will take full responsibility.

Abrams noted that because the delegates had not been certified by the city clerk, she was unhappy with the process.

“But it’s because supporters have been reaching out in the past two days since the convention that I’m going to move forward with the petition,” Abrams said. “I will not challenge his nomination or his endorsement, but I will petition the primary.”

Abrams was born in Hartford to a social worker from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and a mother who worked in fast food after immigrating from Chavina, Peru. Eventually Abrams’ family moved to Newington in search of what the members felt were better educational opportunities. The contestant noted that much of her teenage years were spent between family and friends with the Peruvian community of Hartford and suburban life in Newington.

She will later become a nursing assistant, but will move to get a job in sales. Abrams worked in a variety of sales positions and industries until his mid-twenties before becoming an entrepreneur and opening a Merchant Cash Advance office with a partner. She worked to hone her business and social skills by working with small businesses throughout Connecticut as her business grew to include contract work.

She now works as director of market research at Mark Bruce International, a legal recruitment firm in Manhattan.

Abrams also worked as a small business banker for a time and said during that time it helped her observe the effects of the pandemic at the local level on businesses. Because of this, she began researching how to get involved in the politics of the area and during and after a past run against Whit Betts struck up a friendship. Since that time, she now seeks to serve her community.

“I believe it’s important to be a proactive member of the Legislative Assembly and not just a reactive member who votes yes or no along party lines,” she said. “I intend to propose meaningful legislation to benefit the whole community, not the privileged few. I will defend the inherent rights of all of our Connecticut taxpayers. We must not allow the current rulers to take over the people’s state.

Issues close to her heart include restoring the rights of families in the way they make decisions for their children, better support for law enforcement, and changing legislation that she says hurts landlords and owners, among others.

For more information, visit the Aileen Abrams for CT State Representative Facebook page.

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