Six new foreign envoys pledge to strengthen bilateral relations with Indonesia


Jakarta (ANTARA) – Six new Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary presented their credentials to President Joko Widodo at Merdeka Palace here on Wednesday with missions to intensify bilateral relations between their respective countries and Indonesia.

The six new ambassadors are Francisco de Asis Aguilera Aranda from Spain, Askin Asan from Turkey, Lahcene Kaid-Slimane from Algeria, Luis Raul Tsuboyama Galvan from Peru, Ta Van Thong from Vietnam and Lu Kang from China, the Bureau of press of the Presidential Secretariat. in a statement here on Wednesday.

Spanish Ambassador Aranda expressed his optimism that good relations between the two nations will continue by strengthening the long-standing partnership.

“My intention is to contribute as much as possible to ensure that our beautiful relationship continues,” he said.

Turkish Ambassador Asan underlined the historic relationship between Turkey and Indonesia based on long historical and cultural aspects and not temporary ties based simply on political or economic relations.

“Turkey and Indonesia share the same values. We have great potential, huge potential if we work together. I believe we can become the best players in the world and I think we should work harder to work together in all areas,” he said. .

Algerian Ambassador Kaid-Slimane drew attention to the fact that bilateral relations between Indonesia and Algeria have been established since the Afro-Asian Conference (KAA) in 1955.

“Indonesia and Algeria have shared a very historic relationship since 1955 during the Asia-Africa Conference. We are very proud of this historic relationship between our countries,” he said.

Peruvian Ambassador Galvan pointed out that bilateral relations between the two nations are underpinned by economic cooperation, so trade relations are one of the priority areas for improvement.

“We are working with our Indonesian counterparts to negotiate a free trade agreement,” he noted.

Vietnamese Ambassador Ta Van Thong is optimistic about the significant increase in trade volume between the two countries.

“My priority is to further advance the economic cooperation between the two countries, especially in the trade sector. You know that Vietnam and Indonesia are two ASEAN neighbors and the combined population of the two countries accounts for 60% of the total population of Therefore, my goal is to increase the trade volume between the two countries up to 60% of the total ASEAN trade,” he remarked.

According to Chinese Ambassador Kang, the two countries have an important role in the region.

“Of course, I feel responsible to implement all the general agreements reached between the two presidents and to bring about more cooperation which can benefit the people of our two countries, which can also be conducive to stability and prosperity. regional,” he said.



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