Senior Veterinary Nursing Student Pursues Entrepreneurial Dreams for the Future


Friday, February 11, 2022

Camille White is an ambitious senior veterinary nursing student who isn’t afraid to take leaps and bounds to achieve her entrepreneurial career goals in veterinary medicine. Camille was born and raised in Indianapolis, where she was the youngest child of five and will soon be the second to graduate from college.

Camille attended Warren Central High School and was involved in student council and the Spanish Club among other groups and organizations. Her hobbies and interests include drawing, painting, photography and fashion design. Camille graduated in 2017 and that summer began her studies at Purdue in a study abroad program in Peru, where her classes focused on leadership and sustainability. After entering her first year at Purdue in exploratory studies, Camille is now about to graduate with a degree in veterinary nursing and a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation. Her story gives hope and inspiration to those who have big plans for their future.

Growing up, Camille’s dream was to become a veterinarian, with dentistry being her back-up plan if she wasn’t accepted to Purdue University. In fact, her hard work paid off and she received a letter of acceptance into her best school. “Purdue has always been my dream university,” Camille said. “It offers the field of study I wanted to go to and it’s so well known that I knew I wouldn’t get an education like this anywhere else.” Camille researched information about the DVM program by talking to pre-vet majors on campus during her exploratory studies time and soon realized that the profession was not 100% suitable for her career coals. So, looking for answers and a new path, she made an appointment with her academic advisor, who recommended the veterinary nursing program to her. At the time, the program had just changed its name to “Veterinary Technology,” and the terminology was new to Camille. But after researching the description and the requirements, she realized that this was everything she had dreamed of in a job since she was young.

Camille is unique in her decision to CODO (change of degree goal) from exploratory studies to veterinary nursing, and she said she doesn’t regret her decision for a second. “Even though I was a bit disappointed to have an extra year, I really found myself and started to understand life during this period better,” says Camille. “I believe everything happens for a reason and I strongly believe this is one of the most important things that happened to me because I started to find my purpose.” As for the CODO requirements, Camille said the process led to a smooth transition. It also helped that she and her peers were just starting to take veterinary nursing-specific courses in their second year, whether they started the veterinary nursing program or exploratory studies.

For the future, Camille explains that her career goals don’t stop at becoming a veterinary nurse. In addition to continuing her education in veterinary nursing, Camille completed Purdue’s Entrepreneur and Innovation Certificate program. For years, Camille has been passionate about the career goal of starting her own business. Once she shared this vision, her exploratory studies advisor suggested she try the certificate program. The process was a huge success. “I’ve met so many different entrepreneurs — from CEOs of large corporations to owners of small startups,” Camille said. “The program has given me so much insight and motivation to start a business.”

So, what does Camille intend to do with her diploma and her certificate? She said she plans to start as a veterinary nurse in a research role in hopes of one day receiving funding for a research project. Eventually, she would like to start a business that provides grooming, boarding, vaccinations and other health-related services to pets. In addition, she would like to launch a rescue. And his career aspirations don’t stop there. Camille wants to make a global impact by traveling to other countries to rehabilitate animals and work to solve problems with dog, cat and other domestic animal populations. Above each of his individual career goals is a desire to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the field of veterinary medicine and to join organizations and groups that are currently taking steps towards a gradual change.

Camille offers valuable advice for younger classes and incoming freshmen who are considering or planning to pursue a degree in veterinary care:

  • Don’t worry about grades for fear of not getting there, because you will, as long as you think about it.
  • You’re not alone. Many people are going through the same things as you.
  • Don’t worry about not having it all figured out right now. Most of us are fresh out of high school.
  • You have time, but it is precious.
  • Don’t let small things or negative emotions consume you and hold you back.
  • Express your emotions and reflect on them – this will help you get to know yourself better.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the college experience, but personalize it.

“Get out of your comfort zone, create connections and seize opportunities,” advises Camille. “You can do whatever you set out to do. I have big dreams that may seem impossible to some people, but as long as I have the spirit to accomplish them, I know I will. Camille adds, “I’ve already achieved some of my biggest goals over the past five years, so I know it’s possible. Live the life you dream of. »

Madeline Brod, PVM Communications Intern |


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