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REGION – Tammy Schmersal Burgess of Mexico today announced that she is running as a clean candidate for District 77 of the Maine House of Representatives. District 77 includes the cities of Canton, Dixfield, Hartford, Mexico and Peru. Tammy owns and operates TaDah, a hair salon on Main Street. Tammy is a second generation hairdresser. His father’s shop, now his boutique, has stood proudly on Main Street in Mexico for over 70 years.

Tammy’s lifelong dedication to public service is considerable and she has worked quietly to serve members of her community both professionally and personally. She served on the Mexico Recreation Center Board of Directors for five years. She has also served on the board of Victory Christian Church; as a volunteer for the public theatre; as a member of the Rumford Order of Eagles; as a school assistant; and as a member of the Oxford County Chamber of Commerce. As the daughter of a veteran, Tammy is also a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Tammy said if she is blessed with the votes of her friends, family and neighbors in District 77, she will always fight for our district, our state and our country. “I believe our country has been rocked by people and forces trying to destroy our Constitution, our culture and our traditional family values. We must work together to restore a sense of unity among our people; a sense of pride in our America; and our deserved place as the leader of global democracy.

Tammy will celebrate her silver wedding anniversary with Calvin Burgess in December. Together they are the proud parents of five children and five grandchildren. They provided a loving home and a stable, nurturing environment. “Calvin and I tried to instill in our children and grandchildren an interest in lifelong learning. We believe that schools and parents share the responsibility for teaching, but we also believe that schools and teachers should stay within the boundaries of traditional educational standards. Parents, and single parents, have the right and responsibility to provide moral instruction to children, Tammy continued. “Schools don’t have to teach or discuss race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else with our children. If a child has a question outside of the traditional curriculum, the teacher should call the parent and ask. discuss,” Tammy said.

Tammy also wants her potential voters to know that she recognizes the wisdom of our ancestors and our Constitution, and that she agrees with our Bill of Rights. “Here in Maine, I grew up with people who loved hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, and all the activities our wonderful state offered. We were free to enjoy those things, and I want us to stay free. Tammy understands that crime is exploding in our country. “Some try to blame inanimate objects like guns and knives and the like for the crime. They want to confiscate and control the items. I believe that is wrong. Every crime is committed by a human being who may or may not use a gun or a knife. The person is the lost criminal. Not the gun. We must educate people to respect the rights, life and property of others. We must fully support our law enforcement agencies in their fight to control criminals. We must demand that criminals be prosecuted and, if found guilty, given the certainty of the punishment they deserve. No more bail and easy street release.

Finally, Tammy wants the people of District 77 to know that she will follow the example of her devoted predecessor, Representative Dick Pickett. Dick set the standard for hard work and service to constituents. He was always available to his constituents and he always voted his conscience in Augusta. When it was time for town meetings or a special town event, Dick was there. I will work very hard to bring my neighbors and cities the same level of care and dedication,” Tammy concluded.


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