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The dollar rate in Peru is operating higher, erasing the previous day’s losses as the crisis in Ukraine finds less and less light for a diplomatic solution.

the change rate is trading at S/3,750, up 0.61% from its last day at S/3,727, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (RBC).

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So far this year, the greenback is accumulating a decline of 6.03% from the last price of 2021, at S/3,991.

During the day, the issuing entity sold 14 million US dollars to a change rate average of S/3,750. In addition, it placed nine-month interest rate swaps for S/50 million at an average rate of 4.44%.

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the RBC It also placed fixed rate currency swaps for S/S 200 million at six months, at an average rate of 0%.

“During the day, the supply flow came from the offshore market, while the demand came from local banks generating positions; 370 million US dollars were traded in the market at an average price of S/3,718″, pointed out Gianina Villavicencio, head of foreign exchange brokerage at Renta 4 SAB Peru.

On the other hand, on the parallel market or in the main exchange houses, the dollar it was bought at S/3,715 and sold at S/3,755, according to the portal.

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Regionally, Latin American currencies and equities were mixed on Friday after an initial decline in risk assets, even as investors began to worry about developments in eastern Ukraine that pit Russia against the powers Western.

According to Reuters, Moscow-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine announced on Friday that they planned to evacuate populations from the conflict regions to Russia, a surprising turn of the crisis that the West says could be used to justify a Russian invasion. of Ukrainian territory.

Ukraine’s conflict zone saw the heaviest artillery shelling in years on Friday, with the Kyiv government and separatists trading accusations. Western countries have said they believe the bombardment, which began Thursday and intensified on the second day, is part of a pretext for a Russian invasion.


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The green currency closed yesterday at S/3,844, down 0.20% from Friday’s close (S/3,852), according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR).



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