President of Peru: the government promotes sport for the most vulnerable populations | News | ANDEAN


promotes sport for the benefit of the country’s most vulnerable populations.

At the opening of the Down Lima 2022 World Futsal Championship, the Head of State warmly welcomed athletes from eight countries to Peru, a nation with the greatest diversity on the planet and a wide variety of ecosystems .

In this sense, the senior official indicated that there is a firm decision to promote futsal at a high level of competition, to highlight the abilities of people with Down syndrome and, above all, “to banish myths and prejudices in order to to continue to build an inclusive, egalitarian and just society. »

“You are the best example of struggle, perseverance and improvement; you know very well that there is no victory without sacrifice and that the rules of the game and the rival must be respected,” Mr. Castillo.

“special recognition to parents and coaches who, day after day, thanks to their efforts allowed athletes not only to reach the national team, but also to play in a world tournament”, he added.

“We are proud to be the organizers of the third World Championship (World Championship Futsal Down Lima 2022), an event that will allow our young athletes to show the best of their talent, effort and skills, but above all, it will be an opportunity for us to say together to the world that sport has no barriers; sport does not exclude, has no borders, rather sport unites us; sport is synonymous with health and teaches us values ​​such as teamwork, respect and loyalty,” he said.



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