Peruvians forcibly reject curfew imposed on Lima and Callao | News


On Tuesday, Peruvian citizens destroyed the facade of the seat of the judiciary and looted some of the information stored in the building to reject the curfew imposed by President Pedro Castillo on Lima and Callao.


Peru: Castillo to dialogue with transport workers on strike

Law enforcement officials contacted protesters to call for a peaceful end to the attacks, shortly after Castillo announced the immediate lifting of restrictions on citizen mobility.

Far from listening to the police’s request, the demonstrators tried to break into the government palace, which security agents protected by throwing tear gas canisters.

Interior Minister Alfonso Chavarry told Peru TV that at least five civilians and six police officers suffered superficial trauma and bruises during the clashes.

On Monday evening, Castillo declared citizen immobility from 2:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. in the cities of Lima and Callao to counter some acts of violence that occurred during the national strike by freight carriers, who rejected the increase in the war-related fuel. prices.

During these demonstrations, four people died and about twenty citizens were arrested due to circumstances resulting from blockades of streets and highways.

“These acts of violence, which have tarnished the claims of a legitimate social protest, must be investigated very seriously,” said Minister of Culture Alejandro Salas.


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