Peru: Head of State presides over ceremony marking 33rd anniversary of National Police | News | ANDEAN



led the ceremony on Monday marking the 33rd anniversary of the Peruvian National Police (PNP).

The event took place in the main courtyard of the school for police officers located in the district of Chorrillos in Lima.

From its inception, the President has recognized the important work accomplished by the PNP in society, as well as its remarkable mission to protect the population from harm, defend human rights and preserve the security necessary to support the development of the country.

Likewise, the Head of State highlighted the heroic efforts of the police during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which many of these law enforcement officers lost their lives and which resulted in serious consequences. sanitary facilities for others.

The Peruvian National Police was created on December 6, 1988, after the unification of the Civil Guard, the Peruvian Investigation Police and the Republican Guard, with the aim of guaranteeing, maintaining and restoring internal order.

It should be noted that the PNP is responsible for preventing, investigating and combating crime; monitor and control borders; as well as ensuring the respect of the laws and the security of public and private goods.


The ceremony brought together the Commander General of the National Police Javier Santos Gallardo, the President of the Congress Maria del Carmen Alva and the Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez.

Also present were Ministers Juan Manuel Carrasco (Defense) and Avelino Guillen (Interior), as well as legislators and other authorities in the sector.



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