Nebraska Briefs: State Senators Reach Mount Kilimanjaro, Husker Balloons, and Yik Yak



State Senator Patty Pansing Brooks of District 28 announced her candidacy for Nebraska’s first congressional district on the Democratic ticket.

Brooks cannot run for his seat in the State Senate in 2022 due to term limits. The incumbent of the First District is Representative Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican. Fortenberry is indicted for allegedly lying to the FBI and has not said if he would run again in 2022.

State senators reach summit of dormant volcano in Tanzania

A bipartisan group of State Senators – Tom Brewer, Anna Wishart, Justin Wayne, Ben Hansen and David Murman – left Nebraska for a trip to Tanzania on November 9 to fulfill their dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the most high mountains of Africa.

The trip started as an item on Brewer’s bucket list, and other Senators eventually joined his vision of hiking the 19,000-foot mountain. On November 17 at around midnight Lincoln time, the group reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. A map tracking site showed Brewer at an elevation of 19,315 feet. They began their descent the following night.

UNL student arrested for threatening Chancellor Green against Yik Yak

Jude Almquist, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was arrested on November 11 after making veiled threats against Chancellor Ronnie Green on Yik Yak, an app that allows people within a radius of eight kilometers to create and visualize anonymous threads.

On September 6, the UNL Police Department responded to a voicemail message left by Yik Yak moderators on August 31 regarding a message posted by Almquist that read: “I just planted a second bomb in the office. chancellors !!! #HesMyChancellor. The UNLPD evacuated the second floor of the Canfield administration building, where Green’s office is located, and found no explosive material. Almquist reportedly made several other threats against Green on the app between late August and early September. He is charged with one count of terrorist threats.

Wildfires continue in Banner and Scotts Bluff counties

The Buffalo Creek wildfire that started Sunday, November 14 in Banner and Scotts Bluff counties has now covered more than 2,500 acres. Fifteen fire departments battled the blazes and, as of Nov. 17, the blaze was 40 percent under control, according to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.

Gering Fire Chief Nathan Flowers and Banner County Fire Chief Tim Grubbs established a unified command while coordinating with the Nebraska Game and Parks and the Emergency Response and Assistance Team. wilderness incident. Firefighters Ministries, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in need after a fire, is coordinating efforts to support those affected by the fire. They accept monetary donations with the mailing address: PO Box 531 Scottsbluff, NE 69363.

Three snow leopards die at Lincoln Children’s Zoo from COVID-19

Three snow leopards – Ranney, Everest and Makalu – have died of complications from COVID-19 at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. In a statement posted to Facebook on November 12, the zoo described the loss as truly heartbreaking.

In addition to snow leopards, two Sumatran tigers – Axl and Kumar – were diagnosed with COVID-19 last month. The zoo said the tigers have apparently made a full recovery.

Researchers identify 102 students who died at American Indian School in Genoa

Researchers have uncovered the names of 102 students who died while staying at the Indian Industrial School in Genoa, one of the largest Indian boarding schools in America. The school, operated by the federal government from 1884 to 1934, often took students from families against their will and employed punishment and brutal labor. As with many other Native American residential schools across the country, the school attempted to rid the students of their Native American culture, prevent them from speaking tribal languages, and force them to convert to Christianity.

According to an article by The Guardian, most of the students died of illnesses, and the total number of people who died at school is probably well over 102.

The Federal Indian Boarding School Truth Initiative will investigate allegations of abuse and assist in efforts to uncover burial sites.

Visit Nebraska Public Media and the Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project for more information.

Nebraska State College System Endorses Harassment, Name and Gender Policies

On November 11, the Nebraska State College System Board of Trustees adopted the Anti-Harassment / Discrimination Policy (5007) and the Choice Name and Gender Identity Policy (5012) by 4-2. The policy document includes gender identity in the list of categories from which discrimination and harassment are prohibited.

Before the policies were passed, Gov. Pete Ricketts wrote a letter in opposition, stating that “adopting the proposed policies would impose a gender ideology on the campuses of Nebraska State College by discouraging teachers and students to speak freely and act in accordance with science and their judgments about the biologically determined nature of men and women.

The policies will go into effect at Peruvian State Colleges, Wayne and Chadron.

Two tigers at Omaha zoo test positive for COVID-19

Two Amur tigers at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha have tested positive for COVID-19. The zoo’s announcement came on November 12 and said veterinary staff tested samples from cats after an 11-year-old tigress started coughing. Both tigers show minor symptoms, including sneezing, mild lethargy, and decreased appetite. According to the announcement, zoo staff are optimistic about a full recovery for the tigers.

Nebraska 2020 Teacher of the Year meets the First Lady

Megan Helberg, an English teacher at Loup County Public School in Taylor, received the Nebraska 2020 Teacher of the Year award. Helberg has been invited to Washington, DC, to meet with First Lady Jill Biden, who is an English teacher. In a KHGI Nebraska TV article, Helberg said, “It was the honor of a lifetime.”

Nebraska will receive money from infrastructure bill

President Joe Biden recently signed an infrastructure bill that provides billions of dollars for things like roads, power grid, and other traditional infrastructure. Nebraska will receive $ 2.5 billion for roads and about $ 200 million for programs to improve water supply systems. The bill received bipartisan support in Congress, including support from members of the Nebraska Congressional delegation: Representative Don Bacon and Senator Deb Fischer.

Elementary school teacher killed in hunting accident

Kade Reiman, 23, was accidentally killed on November 13 while hunting deer in Lewiston. Reiman was a second grade teacher at Bennet Elementary School in the Palmyra District. He was hit in the neck by a bullet from a hunting partner intended for a deer and died as a result. The Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the light conditions at dusk along with the topography and timing put him in the crosshairs.

UNL Student Government Supports Resolution to Stop Husker Balloon Release

The University of Nebraska Student Association voted unanimously on Nov. 10 for a resolution urging the university to end releasing balls on campus and during Husker football games. A similar resolution was passed in the spring of 2021. Kat Woerner, a senator for the Environmental Sustainability Committee, said the US Fish and Wildlife Service issued a statement in 2015 urging people to stop balloon release ceremonies because the wild animals like turtles, bears and deer confuse balloons for food. Woerner said the University of Nebraska-Lincoln administration plans to work with ASUN to decide on next steps.

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