Ministry of Defense of Peru: The government is doing everything possible to solve the problems of the population | News | ANDEAN


said on Friday that the government is making every effort to deal with the main problems faced by the population.

In this context, the Cabinet member indicated that his mission is to restore the principle of authority in Peru, including in dangerous cities, by working with local and regional authorities, as well as with neighborhood councils.

“On the part of the government, every effort is being made to solve the problems of the population such as (those related to) vaccination, the return to classes (in the classroom) and to allow connectivity in remote areas”, a- he declared.

In this sense, the senior official pointed out that the construction of an airport in the Pichari area, Cusco region, will contribute to generating a pole of development in four Peruvian regions.

“We are working to ensure that the vaccine reaches everyone. Peruvians who live in Purus (Province) have the same right as all of us,” he noted.

Likewise, the Minister mentioned that the government is working on the agreement so that helicopters will be made available to the regions to enable them to deal with emergencies such as those related to health services for the population.

“If we have an emergency, we can transfer a child, and we manage to save his life, the life of this child – who could be our son – has already paid the price for this helicopter”, he underlined .

Remarks were made to the press outside the government palace in Lima.



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