Members of Peru’s Congress denounce exclusions from America’s Summit


Lima, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Two Peruvian parliamentarians today criticized the marginalization of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the Summit of the Americas organized by the United States and demanded that the meeting be inclusive and democratic.

In this sense, the legislators Margot Palacios and Silvana Robles, of the ruling Free Peru Party, expressed themselves in statements to Prensa Latina.

“We need a more tolerant and participatory, less exclusive Summit of the Americas” because all the presidents of the region represent their peoples, said Congresswoman Palacios.

She added that the Summit “must be held with the participation of all the Heads of State of the Americas; otherwise, it would not be called that, its objectives of fraternity and its common objectives would be distorted.

For her part, Silvana Robles, member of the Parliament’s International Relations Committee, stressed that the Los Angeles summit must have democratic participation to address fundamental issues.

In her speech against the position of the United States not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, she considered wise the reactions of Latin American governments to these exclusions. “If the United States really wants to make an inclusive appeal, it cannot discriminate against countries whose political positions it does not share,” she argued.

In particular, she underlined the position of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, who made his presence at the meeting conditional on the participation of the excluded countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Peru will be represented at the summit, without specifying whether President Pedro Castillo will participate, and declared “its aspiration that all the countries of the region participate in the summit, in order to allow an open dialogue and inclusive and to overcome differences”.



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