Kast’s anti-feminist and xenophobic agenda in Chile which also includes freedom for dictatorship repressors



The government program of José Antonio Kast, the presidential candidate who won the first presidential round in Chile on Sunday, includes far-right proposals that range from the release of repressors convicted of crimes against humanity to the elimination of the law to abortion for reasons and the construction of walls on the borders with Peru and Bolivia.

Throughout 57 pages, the document submitted to the electoral service undertakes to “An implacable right” that he openly defends his ideology and ceases to want to “love everyone” or “not to hurt the sensibilities of anyone”.

For this reason, besides the fact that in his statements Kast defends late dictator Augusto Pinochet and refuses to admit that he led a dictatorship, in his program he repeatedly claims the army and promises that it will put “order” and fight against “insecurity, drug trafficking and terrorism “, in addition to disqualifying indigenous groups, women and sexual diversity and migration.

It also proposes “labor flexibility” for companies to lay off workers and a drastic adjustment in public spending that involves the abolition of eight ministries, including that of Women and Gender Equality, and even increases the reduction of seats. in the bedrooms. deputies and senators because “the Congress is very large”.

On the other hand, bet on the elimination of “gender ideology” in public schools, that is, comprehensive sex education, and in return, strengthen religious education and “values” to promote “spiritual development” in children and provide grants to encourage increased birth rates.

Despite the fact that his plan for government responds to the premises of the far right, Kast has resisted being classified as “ultra” since, he claims, he only adjusts to “common sense” to confront ” the left, the political elite and public opinion ”. in Chile.

The moderation effort came up against the scandal on Tuesday caused by Johannes Kaiser, a deputy elected by the Republican Party founded by Kast, and who in just 29 seconds shows his machismo and xenophobia by questioning the validity of the women’s vote if later these women “who fear that immigrants who could rape them” vote for the parties which “bring these people.

But beyond the controversial statements by activists of this party, which will be recurrent in the coming weeks, the government program specifies what project Kast will launch if he wins the second round to be held on April 19. December.


Without providing data, the document assures in an alarmist tone that Chileans “live locked up at home, walk in fear in the streets” because “crime is not only a problem; it is an epidemic.

He also anticipates a greater repression of the social protest which, in itself, already suffers permanently from state violence in the South American country.

“In the streets, there is no longer any authority to stop the violent marches and the feast that the hooded men make (…) there is only one person responsible for these disturbances to public order. . In Araucania, there is no rule of law and the fires of farms are real acts of terrorism ”, he accuses.

Therefore, he promises “Total and absolute support for the forces of order and security” which includes budget increases. “I say it with pride. I am not afraid of the military and no one should have it; quite the contrary, ”he asserts, announcing that he will send soldiers to Araucania to fight“ the terrorists ”, because indigenous groups are generally described as claiming ownership of land and other rights.

Despite the fact that Kast founded the Republican Party, his government platform lacks Republican respect for the independence of powers, as he repeatedly warns that members of Congress who vote against his initiatives will in fact vote against the Chileans.

Human rights and foreign policy

A fervent admirer of the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), the candidate does not hide his intention to free criminals against humanity convicted of kidnapping, torture, murder or disappearance of more than 30,000 victims.

This is why he proposes to promote “the end of the political transition” by “the equality of all before the law”, which includes a new treatment “for soldiers deprived of their fundamental human rights” because “they are the only Chileans to continue to pay for the tragic political crisis of 1973”. At no time did he recognize that it was a coup.

“For them, there is no impartial application of the laws. It is obvious that there is more thirst for revenge than for justice. For this reason, by using the legal and constitutional powers of the President of the Republic, our government will put an end to the most serious abuses by the immediate pardon of those who have been convicted by virtue of legal fictions ”, he affirms.

Regarding borders, he strongly criticizes Bolivia’s long-standing demands to reclaim a route to access the Pacific Sea.

A semejanza from Donald Trump, who proposed to erect a wall between Mexico and the United States, Kast announces the construction of “physical barriers where necessary” at the border with Bolivia and Peru to “support the work of the police and help to curb drug trafficking and smuggling at the border ”.

In terms of foreign policy, the candidate proposes to sever diplomatic relations with Venezuela and Cuba and to favor the Pacific Alliance to the detriment of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. .


Kast’s program includes a broad chapter to critique what the right has dubbed “gender ideology” to refer to feminist struggles and sexual diversity, the right to abortion and equal marriage, and an education. complete sexuality.

This is why he announces that, if he wins the presidency, he will “immediately” cancel the decriminalization of abortion for three reasons (rape, if the life of the mother or the non-viability of the fetus is in danger) which was approved in 2017.

“At the same time, present a permanent support agenda and approve the necessary resources to support mothers and families who have to carry out unwanted or complex pregnancies,” he anticipates.

At the same time, it will offer “birth promotion plans” and “birth grants”, that is, the provision of financial resources to encourage heterosexual couples to have children.

In addition, it will launch a research and monitoring program that “promotes the family and the right of parents to educate their children”, and another to strengthen the role of Christian churches in public education and their presence in the state in general.

“We will open religious affairs offices in all municipalities and promote their creation in municipalities, also raising the hierarchical level of the National Office for Religious Affairs within the state structure,” he said. declared.

At the same time, he will promote the “right of parents to educate their children”, because he considers that in family courts, parents do not have access to a lawyer to defend them against the accusations of “ideological institutions” which want to deprive them of this right.

In this sense, it will repeal the educational reform to facilitate that “values” remain in the hands of parents according to their own convictions. “Curriculum programs and contents that constitute propaganda or support for abortion and gender ideologies will be eliminated,” he warns.

Conversely, All public schools and high schools in Chile must permanently hire a religion teacher to prevent children from being “brainwashed”.

Cecilia González

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