Fresno City Attorney Sloan Leaves for New Job – GV Wire


Fresno City Attorney Douglas Sloan is leaving, the city council speaker announced Friday.

Sloan, the city’s top legal counsel since March 2013 and a city employee for 16 years, leaves for a new position in Southern California.

Neither the city nor Sloan has said where his next destination will be.

“City Attorney Sloan has served this city through three city governments and 14 different council members,” City Council Speaker Nelson Esparza said in a news release. “We are grateful for his work and wish him and his family much success in (his) new role.”

Council member Tyler Maxwell said Sloan “has been a driving force” and that “many major improvements in the quality of life for the Fresnans can be traced directly to him”.

Council hires, fires city attorney

Sloan’s contract pays him a base salary of $227,000.

The city council oversees the city attorney, who can be hired or fired by majority vote.

In addition to the usual legal functions provided by the city attorney, the office also oversees the code enforcement department.

From the Midwest to Fresno

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School in 1987, Sloan worked in private practice in the Midwest and in Fresno. In 2006, he joined the city attorney’s office.

Sloan will leave at the end of May. The city council plans to declare May 26 as “Douglas Sloan Day”.


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