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Thank you to all of our GRACEFUL donors who help make this possible. Many are former NCHS students, teachers or staff. Thanks to donations, the Foundation was able to donate $65,000 to help students in their academic journey. If you would like to donate, please contact the NCHS Alumni Foundation.

NCHS Alumni has helped 17 senior graduates, 11 college students and 10 eighth graders for a total of 38 students!

Scholarships for NCHS Graduates

$2,000 Snyder/Wilcox Family Scholarship: Valerie Bennie, child of Rick and Brooklyn Bennie. Major: Commerce at Peru State or Southeast Community College.

Wallace and Caryl Giles Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Caleb Poggemeyer, child of Chad and Teresa Poggemeyer. Major: Computer Engineering at UNL.

Wallace and Caryl Giles Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Braydon Thornton, child of Brandon and Paige Thornton. Major: Mechanical Engineering at UNL or in the State of South Dakota.

$2,000 Mary Adams Givehand Memorial Scholarship: Yazmin Morales Gonzalez, child of Marth Gonzalez. Major: Psychology at UNL.

$2,000 Martens Family Professional Scholarship: Andrew Stukenholtz, child of Curt and Teri Stukenholtz. Major: Diesel Technology at Southeast Community College.

Don McGaffey Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Izabella Earll, child of Robert and Kyla Earll. Major: Dance at

Doris McGaffey Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Lorelei Rakowski, child of David and Christina Rakowski. Major: Elementary education at UNK.

Woolsey and Josephine Davis Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Eli McNeely, child of Jachild and Molly McNeely. Major: Wildlife and Fishing at UNL.

Woolsey and Josephine Davis Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Katie Dia, child of Rachid and Tina Dia. Major: Interior Design at UNL.

$2,000 Allen Madsen Family Scholarship: Michael Dia, child of Khalil and Dana Dia. Major: Physiotherapy at Southeast Community College.

Wilma McIntire Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Emily Breazile, child of John Breazile and Susan Baldassano. Major: Pre-nursing at Peru State College.

Peru State Scholarship $2,000: Taylor Briley, child of Brian Briley and Mindy Briley. Major: Elementary education at the State College of Peru.

Edward Volkmer Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Dalton Cooper, child of Sandra Cooper. Major: Psychology at UNL.

Edward Volkmer Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Libby Ferryman, child of David Ferryman and Kelly Murry. Major: Biology/Pre-Vet in Kansas State or Iowa State. Edward Volkmer Memorial Scholarship $2,000: Katie Schreiter, daughter of Ted and Carmen Schreiter. Major: Elementary education to Undecided.

50 Year Honor Class of 1972 $2,000 Scholarship: Chase Brown, child of Rick and Theresa Brown. Major: Commerce/Marketing at the UN or the State of Peru.

50 Year Honor Class of 1972 $2,000 Scholarship: Kendyl Schmitz, child of Nick and Lisa Schmitz. Major: Elementary education at Highland Community College.

Total scholarships: $34,000. Grants for College and Non-Traditional Students

Wallace and Caryl Giles Memorial Grant $4,000: Noah Kasbohm, child of Dave and Pam Kasbohm: Major: Pharmacy at UNMC.

Wallace and Caryl Giles Memorial Grant $3,500: Bree Bauer, child of Gregg Bauer and Sandra Brixey. Major: Radiography at the UNMC.

Edward Volkmer Memorial Scholarship $3,500: Rebecca Wockenfuss Cobb, child of Gary and Kari Wockenfuss. Major: Doctorate in Practice of Nursing Anesthesia at Bryan College of Health Sciences.

Edward Volkmer Memorial Scholarship $3,500: Bryce Levy, child of Jessica and Andy Moyer and Scott and Janessa Levy. Major: Business Administration at Midland University.

Karl H. and Wealtha H. Nelson Memorial Grant $3,000: Langston Hoover, child of Brian and Tammy Hoover. Major: Elementary education at the UN.

Snyder/Wilcox Family Grant $3,000: Callie Koberstein, child of Gary and Andrea Koberstein. Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Bryan College of Health Sciences.

Peter Christensen Scholarship $2,000: Nicholas Zaroban, child of Kenneth and Carla Zaroban. Major: Mechanical Engineering at UNL.

$2,000 George and Katherine Bischof Memorial Scholarship: Chad Miller, child of Louis and Debera Miller. Major: Sociology at the UN.

Herbert and Marie Wieckhorst Memorial Grant $2,000: Dillon Horstmann, child of Lonnie and Sarah Horstmann. Major: Education at UNK.

Class of 1960 $2,000 grant: Damian Causgrove, child of Matt and Christina Causgrove. Major: STEM education at UNK.

Class of 1972 grant. $2,000: Daniel Dubas, child of John Dubas and Debra Dubas. Major: IT at the UN. Total grants: $30,500.

Eighth graders above 10%: $50 each, $500 total.


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